Did you Know? PamperRewards has a FREE APP OR TEXT in your Reward Codes

pampers rewardsIf you aren’t a Pampers Reward Member, you SHOULD be!  Pampers is constantly giving us FREE POINTS and they add up fast for FREE GIFTS!  (not just for parents, you can get gift cards too!)

But did you know???

1) Pampers Rewards has a FREE downloadable app?  Check your Android and Apple IOS app store to download the FREE APP (search Pampers Gift to Grow; Pampers) for easy code entry!

Tip from a fan:  I’ve had the app for a while it’s so handy!! and a tip if you don’t want to keep entering your ID and info, when you’re done entering codes say ‘Enter more’ and you’ll go right to that screen next time. It’s a time saver for me as I never remember my password!!

2) Pampers Rewards can also be TEXTED into your account?  Simply visit your Pampers.ca account, top right click on UPDATE PROFILE, scroll down to Edit your Mobile #.  Add your mobile phone number and simply text in your codes to 726777 (some data roaming rates will apply for those not on an unlimited text plan).

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