Did you know .. you can sign up to get a FREE PC banking account with PC Financial (there are ZERO FEES to setting up an account and you do not have to carry any balance to leave the account open).

HINT: Before you go shopping, put money into your PC banking account at the machine located inside the store, get all your groceries, pay for your merchandise with your PC bank card and get 5% cash back every time you do that?


If you are not able to get the PC financial mastercard, this is a GREAT idea – cash back cards ROCK!

If you do have the PC Mastercard . .. silver card holders get 1% cash back when used at Loblaw banner stores

Black PC Mastercard holders get 2% cash back when used in Loblaw banner stores


Thanks Chantal for this great tip!

2 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW??!?!?!

  1. Anna

    Some of those numbers aren’t right. It’s 1% back on silver holders and 2% on black card holders. You also get 1% back on purchases anywhere if you pay with your mastercard.


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