DIAPER PRICES … What is a GOOD Deal?

I thought I would right a quick blog post for all those mommy’s and daddy’s out there wondering … what IS the lowest price per diaper I should be looking for in order to get a GOOD DEAL?

My personal benchmark is anything less than 18 cents per diaper.

TO DO THIS MATH: Take the SALE PRICE – (coupon) / # of diapers in the box.

If it is less than 12 cents, I would consider stocking up!

Where can you get Pampers coupons? – P&G/Brandsaver carries these coupons – click HERE

Where can you get Huggies coupons? – Smartsource inserts carries these coupons – currently no coupons online



4 thoughts on “DIAPER PRICES … What is a GOOD Deal?

  1. Sherry Webb

    I am diaper illiterate (it has been a L O N G time since I bought diapers)and struggle at times with the benchmarks. What size, does the 18 cent benchmark apply to or does it matter? A box of newborn diapers has alot more diapers for the price and therefore a lower cost per diaper than a box of size 4’s etc…which is where I get confused. Is there a median size that we should be looking at in order to calculate the benchmark?

    • Melanie Moody

      I’m with Sherry. I have no clue but we are currently using size 4’s and I am SO SICK of the save 4.00 when you buy cruisers AND other pampers diapers. We do not have a good track record with cruisers. We have more “accidents” (lets say) than with baby dry so we use those. and Huggies coupons are not that great either. I wish there would be decent coupons for boxes of diapers (like 5.00 off one box) Hopefully someone at Pampers is listening. 2.00 off a box (without buying cruisers is good) but when a box is 33.00 it’s not that good on one income 🙁 Sorry had to vent a moment.

  2. Amy

    Thanks for sharing your personal benchmark Christine. For 12 cents, what size are the diapers? The prices start to look scary when the sizes increase. I also agree Melanie. That’s why I’m planning to try Luvs since they usually have a good price per diaper. CheckHowMuch currently found a deal for 12 cents per diaper so there’s nothing to lose :] Here’s the list of the current price per diaper – http://checkhowmuch.com/baby-diaper.php

    Christine, is 12 cents still your benchmark?


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