Daily Dose of Couponing Part 4: Which store does what?

dailydoseSo you’ve got your binder ready to go, and all your coupons sorted and organized.
That was probably overwhelming all in itself! Now to use all those coupons.  I know when I started out couponing I was terrified!   Eventually I found that being super organized and knowing my stuff helps with your coupon confidence!

Even now that I’m more of an “experienced” couponer, I still have moments when I think…did I do that right? can I do this? what was the policy on this? So to ease my doubts I printed off the stores coupon and price matching policy.  That way I’d have them handy for my own reference and most important to back me up if a cashier is unsure about the policy.

Check out this amazing document that explains what stores take what coupons, price match, give overage, and participate in SCOP (scanning code of practice) Not to mention if you click on the store names it takes you right to that stores coupon policy!

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