Daily Dose of Couponing Part 3: SCOP…What is it?

dailydoseFor newcomers to couponing SCOP are 4 letters that you probably keep seeing and are starting to wonder what is this and how do I get in on it?  For more seasoned couponers we always have SCOP sitting in the front of our minds during check out.

So what is SCOP?  SCOP stands for: Scanning Code Of Practice.  Basically, if you find an item that is supposed to be $3.00 and it scans at the registers as $6.00, then you are entitled to get it free up to a $10.00 Maximum.  This is just the bare bones of SCOP, there are rules and a lot more specifics to SCOP.   Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs.

Here is a fantastic explanation by Christine, which includes links to a amazing document you can print and keep in your binder for reference.  

Here is a blog post that Christine did recently all about SCOP

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