Daily Dose of Couponing Part 1: Where to find Coupons?

dailydoseWelcome to our new series: Daily Dose of Couponing!

Twice a day we will be posting older articles for you to read.  If you are new to couponing then this will be AMAZING information and tools for you, if you are more of a veteran couponer than these will be GREAT reminders for you…maybe you’ll have an “ah ha” moment!

Part 1 is Where do you find all those coupons?Also includes store policies, price matching policies, information on SCOP, and my favorite list of categories for your coupon binder!
And as a special treat we have a video from Coupon Christine explaining where and how to find coupons! CLICK HERE to view it!

CLICK HERE to start couponing off right!


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