*Coupons Found* – LCBO and The Beer Store Magazines

Coupons are being found more and more often in very AWESOME and sometimes RANDOM places

At CouponChristine.com we love to share with you all the great finds we come across.  Our fans are so helpful when it comes to these blog posts as well and this one is NO exception!

Maryann N. and Carole O. both sent me some great tips last week about their coupon findings at LCBO and The Beer Store

The Beer Store releases a magazine called “Chill” and this month, there is a $2 off Olymel Coupon inside.  (Valid on Olymel Chicken Chunkies, Olymel Breaded Chicken and Olymel Chicken Wings, coupon is valid until June 30, 2013).











The LCBO releases their beautiful holiday magazine every year called Food&Drink.  This year, they have coupons inside for $1 off Summer Fresh Dips, $1 off Summer Fresh Greek Yogurt Dip, $1 off Summer Fresh Topped Humus and $1 off Kashi crackers. These magazines went SUPER fast in London and they are hard to find here now 🙁 Slim chance Lambeth still has these. 

2 thoughts on “*Coupons Found* – LCBO and The Beer Store Magazines

    • christine Post author

      Thanks – I just went in today and was able to get one without a purchase, guess it just depends on store. But it would be nice for people to just take 1 to leave some on the shelves for others. London is completely wiped clean, LCBO didn’t order enough + they are expensive to make


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