Couponing VS Hoarding…Which one are you?

hoarding  I have been asked MANY times if I have a big stockpile and if I do, am I a hoarder? Truth is I do not have a huge stockpile, I do have a lot of items that I use a lot (toilet paper, shampoo, bodywash) but I do not buy items I don’t need simply because I have a coupon.  Here are a few things to ask yourself to make sure you are couponing sensibly and not becoming a hoarder.

  • Is it ok to have a stockpile?  Of course it is. But you don’t need to stockpile things to last years. Try to stockpile items to last until the next sale cycle. Items always have a cycle and will go on sale again.  You will get to learn these cycles.  This may end up saving you money in the long run since you won’t be throwing away expired items in your stockpile.
  • Is it ok to let that great coupon expire?  YES! Believe me, I have let many coupons expire. If you don’t need it, let it go. Coupons will come out again and you will be able to grab a great deal again…trust me! 🙂
  • Is it ok to clear a shelf because you think you will donate some? NO.  While donating is a great reason to pick up a couple extra items, we should all be considerate of other shopper’s and the fact they may actually need that item as well!
  • Is it ok to buy a ton of medicine since it’s such a great deal? NO.  Let’s be honest, we can all use a couple bottles/packages of certain types of medicine, but we don’t need a dozen of them.  Medicine does expire and most food banks don’t accept medicine for donation.  Grab what you realistically think you will need and leave the rest.
  • Should I grab coupons from every single tearpad I see? NO.  Believe it or not, I have walked by tearpads and not grabbed a single coupon! GASP! I don’t have a pet, no need for me to grab any pet coupons.  And I could take some to trade, but trading coupons has become very difficult these days with people only wanting free product coupons or high value coupons.

It is VERY easy to get caught up in a great deal and start stockpiling items you will never need.  Remember, it’s good to take time off from couponing.  I usually do a “no-shop” week about once a month (at least) and only buy non coupon related items that week.  Happy Shopping everyone!

7 thoughts on “Couponing VS Hoarding…Which one are you?

  1. Coupon Suzzy

    Girl – I love you. I’ve been balancing my joy for couponing with my family priority of simple living. I too only stockpile certain items and even then – usually only a 6 month supply at most. You are my hero! (Western must turn out smart grads)

  2. Michelle

    I love the article. I only stockpile certain things. Toilet paper, Tide, and deoderant and dish soap, and dishwasher soaps. Those are items i can’t pay full price for ever. I never stock pile food items, because i have issues with “old food”. I like my stuff fresh. I really don’t need 10 boxes of pasta, cause i only eat one box every few months. It just doesn’t make sense to do it. 1 or two extra’s ok, but i would never empty the shelve because it was free or cheap.
    PS you are right about trading coupons lately. People need to get back to basics, not everyone has FPC. And hell if i had them i would not trade them id go to the store and try my free product and see if i like it.

    My last trade gone bad was, a coupon for Aero easter eggs. It was buy 3 get one free. On sale those eggs are 88 cents. They wanted a FPC for it. Really its a free easter egg. Next time the person trading the coupon should have left it on the self for people who will actually use can use it.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Canadian Budget Binder

    We stockpiled food for a short period but stopped except for some items. Sure we donate but at the end of the day we simply don’t need all that food as we can’t eat it fast enough. More food went to waste in the end then it did to donation or into our mouths. That is why I started the grocery game challenge to really monitor what we were spending on groceries and why. It’s been an eye opener for us. We only stockpile what we know “we” will use for food and if we can get a great deal on health and beauty, laundry and toiletries we will grab them as they tend to last longer. This differs per family or individual for various reasons. There are still some great coupons to be had each month and companies are still great with giving out high value coupons.

  4. Sharon Dunkin

    Once I get enough ahead ie toothpaste, soft soap, pastas and still have coupons left that are about to expire I offer them to friends and family and if the don’t need them I buy for the food bank.

  5. Stealth Couponer

    I did like this article. I have a great stockpile and keep it stocked enough that if there were ever a financial or environmental need, our family would be safe for about 6 months. We donate weekly to our local food bank through our church. I have stockpiled for years and was raised to do so. Couponing just lets me do it for a lot less! Thanks for all your wonderful, helpful tips Coupon Christine!!!

  6. Marianne

    Great advice! I usually stock enough of food items to get us to the next sale cycle, maybe slightly more if it’s a favourite of ours or something that will be costly if we run out before the next sale. For household items such as cleaners, toilet paper, I will stock up to a year’s supply for the sake of convenience.
    Since I usually have to shop with at least one of my young children with me, its much easier to coupon and price match my weekly shops when I don’t have to worry about buying as many items because we have them stocked.
    I have two narrow shelving units in the basement, and I limit myself in that if I’m out of room on those shelves, I don’t stock anything else until we’ve gone through enough product that there is room on the shelves again.


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