Couponing Shopping Challenge: Contestant #4 – Shopping at RCSS


Another fantastic shop to share with you where couponers saved themselves TONS of cash … using coupons of course – this contestant only spent $19.76 on ALL THIS!

  • honey bunches of oats SHELF PRICE 4.99 pmd to NF at 2/4.88-2×1=2.88 for both
  • fish family pack SHELF PRICE 5.97 on sale for 3.66-1=2.66
  • stayfree pads SHELF PRICE 3.99 pmd to rexal 2.99-2=.99×3=2.97
  • iogo SHELF PRICE 1.19-.75c= .44c x3=1.32
  • mountain dew SHELF PRICE 1.79 pmd to bargain shop 1-1wub2=1 for both
  • gingerale reggular price 4.97 on sale for 2.97-1=1.97
  • fanta regular price 4.97 sale price 2.97-2=.97
  • ice tea SHELF PRICE 6.47×2-fpc x2
  • no name juice SHELF PRICE 1.79-cz.40=1.39
  • mayo SHELF PRICE 3.47-1=2.47

manu savings (15) 29.19
store coupon savings (1) .40c
total savings 29.59
total % saved 62%
total oop 19.76


One thought on “Couponing Shopping Challenge: Contestant #4 – Shopping at RCSS

  1. Canadian Budget Binder

    Just came across this shopping challenge. What a great idea! I run the Grocery Game Challenge which centres around the entire grocery budget but this is more about what you got using coupons in a shop. I must admit though coupons and prices aren’t like they used to be but where there is a dollar to save, we save it. Cheers Mr.CBB Looking forward to seeing how well people can shop using coupons!


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