Couponing for Students: My Interview with 106.9 the X – Fanshawe Students Radio Station


I was flattered to be invited to speak about couponing with Fanshawe student Melissa Bagnoli about how students (in their early 20s) can benefit from COUPONING!

It is no surprise that when this young student showed up to my home, she was naive in how many different kinds of coupons existed for what she herself uses on a daily basis.

Listen here and let me know what you think?  When did you start couponing?  How old were you?  Do you wish you started earlier?  Oh how I shake my head in shame at the thought of how much I could have saved over the years.

Listen to my show here with Melissa from 106.9 the X

Listen to the 2nd show, coupon story from 8am cast with Kelsey from 106.9 the X

Also, check out 106.9 the X’s website along with a more thorough interview once you hit the play button.


































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