Couponing–A reflection

Today my daughter looked at me and said “Mom, we need to donate some more right now, lots of people need food.”  As I looked at her with pride I got to thinking, would she be saying to me right now if it wasn’t for couponing? Don’t get me wrong, we have always done our best to donate before couponing, but now because of couponing, I can honestly say our donating has dramatically increased! I originally started couponing to save money.  I was a stay at home mom watching my husband work 2 jobs so I could stay home with the girls.  I used to feel so bad to see him work so hard and miss spending time with his family.  So, here came the coupons.  I started small, joined an online facebook community, and off I went.  It did not take long to see the benefits and money saved.  The stress of saving for Christmas, or birthdays, or a family vacation was gone! Both my husband and I were in shock over the savings.  It felt fantastic!  I also took pride in showing my daughters how to save money and the value of money.  But soon after it all changed.  I started to realize that I can do more than just for myself.  So I started helping friends and family members.  I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to help your loved ones.  But you know what feels even better? Helping others.  Soon the donating to food banks, schools, even strangers that just ask for help started and that felt great! While others ridiculed me for clipping coupons, or walking around with a binder, I was still saving for my family and helping others.  I would never have guessed the great effect couponing would have not only on me, but now my children.  How can anyone mock that? So while in the beginning it was all about money, in the end couponing has made me a better person and a better mom.  Who knew there was a coupon for that? 🙂

Now it’s your turn.  How has couponing really changed your life? Do you see yourself ever stopping? Share to show others how amazing couponing really is!!

One thought on “Couponing–A reflection

  1. Anna

    I have only been couponing since September and I will never stop. I started because my hours at work were cut in half which wasn’t enough to get by. I have saved a ton of money, have a small stockpile going and yes, I have been donating more. First I had to clean out my basement to make room for my stockpile so all my extra blankets, pillows and other misc. were donated and now when I have coupons that work in conjunction with a sale to make things really affordable I always purposefuly buy extra and drop it off in the food bank donation box on the way out of the store, which puts a bigger smile on my face than saving the money does!


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