Couponing 101: Getting Started and Making Couponing Easy – Happy Saving :)

I have been asked for all the BEST links on my website that people SHOULD read if they want to start couponing.  So I decided rather than send you all these different links, why not compile them all in ONE blog post.  This will not only save YOU tons of money, but share this with your friends that also want to learn how to coupon in Canada.  I hope you enjoy this list 🙂

* An Introduction to Couponing from Coupon Christine – read what I have to say about couponing here

*OK, so where do I get coupons?

1)   Well, firstly is watching my Facebook Fan Page (click here to add me).  I will keep you in the KNOW of all the great deals and freebies when they go live.

2.) Also reading this document about WHERE to get coupons in Canada will help set you up.

Can I use coupons when products are on sale?  ABSOLUTELY! That is exactly when you should be using coupons 🙂 When you see “not to be combined with any other offer” means not to be combined with another coupon (so stacking).  In Ontario, we do not have the luxury of stacking manufacturer coupons.

WOW – I have so many coupons now, how do I organize all these great coupons?  How about a zippered binder? How about a new coupon bag?  With categories that work for you?  Click here to read more about binders and organizing 


What about the LINGO? What is a B1G1 or a RCSS??? Check this out for help!

I want some high value coupons and free product coupons (fpcs), how do I get those?  By emailing companies and letting them know you LOVE their products.  Here is a list of companies I personally know mail out coupons. 

So I want to go shopping, do you have a shopping list?  You can  download them and print yourself here

Do you ever post SNEAK PEEKS of flyers?  If we get our hands on them, we post those here

Also, should I bring store flyers and policies to stores that price match?  YES.  First off price matching is when you take store flyers into stores that price match to get the lowest price on an item.  Stores that prcie match are listed here in this table.  Check out this great table I made based on store policies and what each store accepts in terms of couponing.

What about your coupon price matches – do you do those too? The coupon Price matches are on hold for now. Updates soon.December 2015.

So now that I know what I am doing, all my friends want to learn to coupon – what can I give them to help them.  Well firstly, show them this page on my website and hand them this 1 page document

And if you STILL need to learn more, I do occasionally  offer seminars in and around London, keep an eye open. None planned at this time!

I hope you find this useful, if not please PM me 🙂



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