Coupon Zone Walls – Update on the CZ Wall Changes

Wondering what day of the week these Coupon Zone boards get changed and when to check for new coupons?  (Coupon Zone coupons are found in Loblaw banner stores such as Loblaws and RCSS).  Unfortunately there isn’t a concrete answer as the store and its employees are hanging them up and in charge of replacing when they see them low.

Well starting in the next few weeks, Loblaws Ontario has outsourced this job to a third party and that organization/person will be making their rounds from store to store on a regular basis.

The verdict is still out as to whether this is good or bad yet since the store CSMs and managers were sent extra stock of Coupon Zones and could replace when they saw  that their boards were low… guess time will tell whether this is good for couponers or not 🙂

Happy Saving

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