Coupon peelie on Crayola Products

crayola  Coupons are found everywhere these days! I bough my daughter a Crayola Marker set, and this peelie was on the outside of it! Coupons include:

  • $1 off 6x200mL Natrel Chocolate Milk. Exp Dec 31 2013
  • $1 off a 4 pack of Squoosh Organic Snacks.  Exp Dec 31 2013
  • $1 off Cavendish Farms 750g from the farm potatoes.  Exp Dec 31 2013
  • $1 off Amooza Twists 262g. Exp Dec 31 2013
  • $2 off any Gummies product.  Exp Dec 31 2013
  • $1.50 off any one Dial Kids Body Wash product. Exp. Dec 31 2013
  • $2 off Super Squeezies Tubes.  Exp. Oct 31 2013
  • $2 off when you buy any 2 G-U-M Crayola Products. Exp Dec 31 2014

Great coupons!! So make sure to always pay attention, they can be anywhere!

One thought on “Coupon peelie on Crayola Products

  1. Sharon Dunkin

    Went into the Bulk Barn website this morning and found a 25% off printable coupon for Fri Sat Sun for regular priced items. Already used mine.


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