Coupon, Flyers, Money Saving & Money Making APPs for your PHONE

Are you up to date on the latest money saving, and money making apps.? Check out these great finds to download to your phone – not all apps are available on all kinds of phones, so keep that in mind. But be sure to add them all and gain over the year!





Your Online flyers:

Reebee – has all your favourite flyers in ONE STOP!  It looks like it works on iphones and Blackberry’s and is only available in specific provinces.  For all you people looking for flyers from out of town, this will save you if your stores allow you to show flyers on your phone!

 Flyerify –  Put in your postal code and away you go!   A compilaltion of your favourite flyers, coupon and it’s own money rebate app. Expanding all the time.

Flipp – Your local flyers, plus the ability to tap and save in a clipped list, east to open in store. Or make your grocery list and search in a tap, then add to clippings! A breeze!

Money rebate apps:

Checkout 51– , Snap by Groupon . Moneyback offers each week. Cash out at $20.00.

 Zweet  , Money saving apps Create an account , update weekly. Buy your item, and take a picture to claim it . Get a cheque issued after each $20.00 saved!

 Coupgon   Coupon app- A new app letting you choose coupons to use at your local store. Sign up and see, most common is Giant Tiger!

Caddle  Newer app, you can claim what you have bought. Watch videos and ads. Small gains, but a few new     offers every week will add up.

Cartsmart- Low level savings, slow progress but offers there!.


Lesser known apps.

Field Agent (available only for iPhone).  It gives you tasks to do at retail stores and pays you in paypal cash

Do you know any others you would like to add?  These were all apps that were shared with me on my fan page, email and website 🙂 SHARE WHAT YOU USE!



2 thoughts on “Coupon, Flyers, Money Saving & Money Making APPs for your PHONE

  1. Lindsey Rutledge

    Speaking on money saving apps I LOVE Field Agent (available only for iPhone)! It gives you tasks to do at retail stores and pays you in paypal cash!

  2. maria m.

    Hello Christine:

    Just wondering if you have notice that the past 2 weeks Rebee hasn’t displayed the flyers for Loblaws or Shoppers. I have no way to inform them and I was wondering if you could enquire about it.

    Maria M.


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