….. Coupon Flyer Match-Ups – **NEW and IMPROVED – NOW Printable format for your binder

INTRODUCING … a new and improved coupon flyer match-up format!

I was sitting here thinking last week … wouldn’t it be AWESOME to be able to print the coupon flyer match-ups and store them in your binder each week.  Now isn’t THAT a great idea!??!?!

Lily and I also added a NOTES column after hearing from our great friends that it would be nice to know what was the best deal!

We hope you enjoy this new format and anything else you would like to see us do, please do not hesitate to ask

Thank you again Lily .. you ROCK!


March 16 – 22, 2012 C.F.M.U





4 thoughts on “….. Coupon Flyer Match-Ups – **NEW and IMPROVED – NOW Printable format for your binder

  1. Sherry Webb

    This is so AWESOME. It is more amazing that others do all the work so that I can reap the rewards!

    VERY nicely done ladies.

  2. Sherry Webb

    I just checked this against my list (that I spent considerable time creating) and the only things I note was perhaps the Silani Chesse Bars at No Frills for 3.88. The .75 cent coupon on ANY cheese block from the Ziploc Boxes could be used. Oh yes, perhaps also the various Tylenol sales going on right now (Extra Strength, Body Pain Night, Back Pain, Muscle and Body (I think of this only because it is Friday afternoon I have a headached and want to go home)…I think Shopper’s, Rexall and perhaps some of the other stores are advertising them. There are many printable Tylenol coupons on the Livingwell site…I am running low and will be going over the flyers to figure out who has the best sales.

    I am not mentioning this to take away from the truly awesome job you ladies did. From here on in…I print this list weekly and grab my highlight to create my shopping list with notes of how many and where I am buying or price matching at. What a time saver.


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