Coupon Christine’s Shopping List for October 26 – Nov. 1

I got a TON of emails last week asking me to post my shopping list again this week of my ‘must have’s’

This week, I am shopping at RCSS! TAX FREE day today – Sat. Oct. 27 and I am heading there after my daughter is in bed – hope they have everything that is on my list 🙂

Check out what my ‘must haves’ are to get this week

If I get every thing off this list, I will get 61 items for $41.00

My Shopping List – Oct. 26 – Nov. 1a


Want to print off your OWN shopping list – CLICK HERE

**If you are interested in seeing more details about our MATCH-UPS and what coupons I am using – CLICK HERE

** If you are interested in seeing the CHEAPEST prices list – CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “Coupon Christine’s Shopping List for October 26 – Nov. 1

  1. Mungi

    Hi, just curious, but how do you get so many coupons (ie. Villagio, Europe’s Best, Wonder Bread) when the limit is one per person and they only allow you to print so many in a time span? Would be helpful for others too to know if you have any secret?

    • christine Post author

      The Wonderbread is a tear pad, and traded for a lot back in August. The Europes’ Best fruit is a Redplum insert, I get a lot of those from family and friends that save me their inserts and also trades. The Villagio is one per household, I send coupons to my mom, dad’s work, sisters appt and aunts place. What they won’t use that I send, they give to me 🙂

  2. Mungi

    Thanks Christine. I’m in rural Ontario so don’t see tear pads very much, half the time we don’t even get our flyers here and the cost of gas to pick up coupons from family/friends would negate any savings for me. I do miss the city when it comes to getting the deals – you know what they say, you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl! You have a great website and thanks for all that you do!


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