Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt? 

Well this is like that .. except I am calling this a “Couponager Hunt” 

What you do is you read clues in the BLOG POSTs on my website at and locate the next clue by solving that last riddle.    The CLUES are located at the bottom of the blog post .. just scroll down and you will see I have ♦ CLUE ♦ embedded in the content area of the blog post.

So for example .. the first clue may read “I use this coupon to buy medication when my child is sick” – you would be looking for either a post about Advil kids or Tylenol.  Before you begin, you should ALL know – I have a SEARCH BAR – use it wisely, in this last example you would search “ADVIL” or “tylenol” to find the posts I did where the coupon for these items could be found.

Take your time, there are 10 clues – enjoy the website, who knows you may stumble upon a great FREEBIE, DEAL or OFFER you want to get … so don’t rush – enjoy!  This contest will go on till tomorrow evening at 9:00pm (est).  Everyone can enter!

The last clue … asks you to email me (email is given in last clue) – so solve the riddle and answer the questions I have for you in that last post.    Don’t forget to send me your address and your responses.  If I do not see the answer to the riddle in your email, you cannot be entered into the contest.

I will pick 3 winners from among you and send you envelopes stuffed full of coupons.  If I have more envies by the time I organize my stash – you may be surprised to get an envelope from me 🙂

GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN and take your time, enjoy the website!

The place where you will find your FIRST CLUE is on a blog post I did about cough medicines, it just came out last week and its an amazing coupon – HIGH VALUE!


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