Coupon Christine’s 2000 Fan Giveaway BONANZA!

WOW almost 2000 fans!!!! Feels like just a few short weeks ago I was at 1000 fans!

I have a ton of things up my sleeve as to what I personally will be giving away and I am so excited.

IF you are a vendor, retailer, make things, store owner, restaurant owner and want to contribute to this giveaway with free prizes, coupons or even a gift card you won’t use but want it to go to a special fan – please email me at  I will obviously give you space on my website as FREE advertising as well as promoting your business through me 🙂  This GREAT for your own personal business.  I have helped out a few friends, and they have successfully made money from me simply promoting their business!

Thank you all for your continued support and HAPPY SAVING!

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