Coupon Christine … what is in your mailbox? Does your mail man hate you!?

I have a ton of people ask … “does your mailman hate you?” … “so how full is your mailbox?”

Well today the answer to the above question is “Jeff had a heavier bag than usual … and there was mail that didn’t fit in the box beside my front door”

1) I got some great coupon trades.  I do this from time to time whenever there is products I am getting low on to stock up on in my house. I also trade with a ton of my great friends in my coupon group for coupons I am not able to get to as I work full time and don’t always find tear pads

2) Colgate sent more coupons (I guess it has been 6 months since my last request)

3) The famous Websaver mailed coupons – best invention ever

4) A letter from Tassimo that they have been trying to contact me after the WORST experience ever with the replacement part for my work coffee maker, I will contact William tomorrow 😉

5) and FREE Keurig coffee

6) Aveeno Coupons – these can be requested MONTHLY!

and finally 6) Mario Badescu sample – AWESOME mail day!



2 thoughts on “Coupon Christine … what is in your mailbox? Does your mail man hate you!?

    • christine Post author

      I order all my coffee online at – ordered a lot one day and there was a problem with my order, called and they sent me a FREE voucher for free sample packs + free shipping!


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