Coupon Christine saves you time and money: FREEBIES STILL AVAILABLE


It seems more and more companies are giving out FREEBIES (and often times coupons)!

I felt like I was posting SO many recently, so I thought I would compile them all here for you:

(this list was updated on Oct. 13, 2012 – and some freebies are time sensitive, I apologize if the samples or freebies are gone when you check this list)


* Jergen`s FREE Sample + Coupon – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Gillette Razor – take the 5 day challenge and get a FREE razor -FREEBIE – Click Here

* Woolite Sample + Coupon – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Tide Pod Sample – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Wet Synergy Lubricant – FREEBIE – Click Here (samples run 7am – 9am (est) and its first come first serve Mon – Fri)

* LÒreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Tampax Tuesdays – FREEBIE – Click Here (this is still live RIGHT NOW – just click anywhere on the image that pops up to get one)

* Sample of Poligrip – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Free Goodnite Underpants for Big Kids – FREEBIE – Click Here (not all sizes still available)

* Free Avery Tabs for your Coupon Binder – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Free Tena Sample for Women – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Free Motrin Sample – FREEBIE – Click Here

* Free Kids, Toddler and Baby Samples – FREEBIE – Click Here





2 thoughts on “Coupon Christine saves you time and money: FREEBIES STILL AVAILABLE

  1. Heather

    Hi – not sure if it has expired but I keep getting an error when I try the link for the polygrip samples



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