Coupon Christine on CHOK Radio ~ Sarnia : Let’s Talk Couponing!

Blackburn Radio Sarnia - Coupon Christine on CHOKOnce again I am on the radio weekly so you can all hear about how to save money, how to get started and some of the great tips I have about couponing in Canada.

I will upload the sound bits from each show here when available, so come back here to check them all out and learn a thing or two from me each and every week.

You can listen live on WEDNESDAY’s at approx. 2:20 on CHOK Sarnia or LISTEN LIVE from your phone or computer by clicking on the LISTEN LIVE buttonradio

>> SEGMENT #1 ~ LISTEN ~ Is couponing worth it in Ontario? What to expect in the coming weeks for the show.

>> SEGMENT #2 ~ LISTEN ~ Where to find coupons? Reading coupons ~ fine print

>> SEGMENT #3 ~ LISTEN ~ Coupon Policies, Price Matches, Overages, Ontario rules and coupon policies

>> SEGMENT #4 ~ LISTEN ~ Saving Money around the Holidays, helpful saving tips to make sure you don’t feel the pinch this year.



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