Complaints to Companies: Update on what you are doing to the system

complaintsIt was dinner time and I was so excited about having tacos … mmm!  I opened up my Old El Paso and guess what ?  All my hard tacos were crushed beyond repair or edible status 🙁  I was super upset but knew it probably was an error in shipping, stocking shelves or even a possibility I crushed it by accident in the back of my car when loading up the grocery bags – who knows, all I knew was my dream of tacos was “crushed” 🙁

What did I do?  I called Old El Paso to report this problem, who knows, maybe I can help them figure out how to better package their product, maybe this isn’t an isolated event?   The lady I spoke to was awesome, getting all sorts of details about the box, product ID numbers, my name, address, email, etc.  She sent me a replacement coupon to get a FREE taco kit.

Legitimate Complaints: Complaints in which you open up a product and it just isn’t what you were expecting – either the product has gone bad before expiry, the product has a bad smell, the product is damaged, etc.  Legitimate is you don’t sit back and think to yourself … “hmmmm, I am going to lie and say this product sucked, when it was completely fine!”

What you should know about complaints: Giving your contact information and details about the product is kept on file.  If you are complaining every week, they will catch on and you will be black listed.  Not to mention, those who always have the “obscure and rare” fpcs in your coupon group will also get you black listed as someone no one wants to trade with because most of us don’t like cheaters to the system.  Also … if you complained about a product that you really wanted to eat/try/use … and then turn around and TRADE IT … everyone is baffled .. why wouldn’t YOU WANT to just keep that awesome FPC for yourself ??? See why people black list you?

You should also know a TON of companies are asking you to send them the product back to them, either on their bill and sending you a pre-stamped/pre-labelled shipping form or asking you to ship it to them on your own dime.  They want to see for themselves and to be honest, want to check the legitimacy of the complaints.  complaints2

What you should know about “fake complaints”: It is ruining it for the legitimate complainers. I recently had a chat with a fellow coupon friend who had a legitimate complaint about his yogurt.  When he called the 1-800 number, the woman on the other end of the phone said they were no longer sending out replacement coupons, but rather just a $2 coupon.  Better then nothing.  But this woman further explained there are people ruining it for the legitimate complaints, that there has been a pocket of people sending in requests weekly to them.

So what should you do?  I am not saying you should never complain if a product doesn’t meet your standards, I am saying you should STOP fake complaining.  You are ruining it for others who actually have legitimate complaints.



7 thoughts on “Complaints to Companies: Update on what you are doing to the system

  1. Canadianbudgetbinder

    Interesting topic Christine,

    I’ve talked about making complaints on my blog in a post about defective products but yes they have to be legitimate. They do keep a data base of names, addresses and complaints you are correct it’s 2013. We as consumers are not “owed” anything from these companies. Imagine just for one moment if it was your own organization how it would make you feel if people were cheating you out of money when there was nothing wrong with your product.

    Best of it is the people that do in fact cheat the system post on line reasons why they got the FPC’s when in fact there was no reason but sheer greed to get a high value coupon to use or trade for their own benefit. This in turn makes the organization look bad when in fact there was no problem in the first place.

    Many companies are now asking the consumer to send in the defective product via courier and we have to pay for it on our own. I don’t think there’s an easy fix for companies short of saying return it to the store so customer service can take all the details and give you your money back. That way they owe the store and not the customer but the products gets seen and inspected.

    The walls may come crashing down, it’s only a matter of time.

    It’s important to live our lives as ethical and moral as we can because if it’s not something we would want someone to do to our own financial livelihood then why should we do it to them even if it it’s a billion dollar dollar corporation right down to the little guy. Great post Christine.

  2. an ethical couponer

    I hate “fake” complainers as it does ruin it for those who have legitimate complaints. I did complain to one company , sent pictures and even offered to send their product back to them …..they saw the pictures and STILL thought I was trying to pull a fast one over on them. I won t name the product but it was one I had complete trust in, now that trust is not there, and I won t purchase it again. Their reasoning was that too many false complains had been sent in and people were actually asking for a free product coupon up front. I never even asked for the product to be replaced, which it wasn t.
    Couponers that post huge brag shops ( shelf clearers) , whole tear pad stealers ( ones that always have tons to trade) and unethical people should wake up and realize that companies will STOP issuing coupons if they feel that they have been used. I was a couponer back in the mid eighties when there were all kinds of coupons to be found….companies got taken advantage of and all of a sudden by the early 90’s you couldn t find a single coupon. I see it going back to that as people once again get greedy.

  3. Michelle

    Old El Paso is great! Awesome customer service! No word of a lie in the past month I have had two issue with their hard taco shells. Once they were crush to death and just last week I had two packs that they plastic wasn’t sealed therefore the tacos were stale. I uploaded my pictures of the opened packs so they could see what I was talking about. It is horrible that people are so greedy that they would complain just to get free stuff!

  4. Dana

    I Totally agree with you! I had a problem with the maple leaf portions like alot of people did and i sent in my UPC and took detailed photos of the product to show i wasnt just complaining to get a free product! I believe we should always send the upc to the compnay and a photo of the product. They said they having meeting and these photos are useful.

  5. Michelle Roy

    Unfortunately the ones who are cheating the system don’t seem to have a conscience about this type of issue. It’s the same with buying and selling coupons, shelf clearing, stealing tear pads, inserts etc. It’s just a lack of empathy and an effort to grab whatever they can for themselves at this point.

  6. Kerri

    Today I called Huggies as the tabs fell off 2 diapers in the pack. I was concerned as this is a choking hazard! This had happened to me before when my daughter was only one month also. When she was one month they sent me a FPC for a new pack even though the pack was half empty when the tab fell off. This time they said they were sending me a prepaid credit card for the remaining cost of the pack. It seems as though they are cutting costs due to frequent callers. Sucks when we have legitimate issues that people that lie ruin it for us. I always wonder how these people have the time or the morals to call a company when they don’t have a legitimate concern with safety or quality. Ask yourself if it is morally right before you call.

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