Companies that will mail you coupons ! New task for 2016

Beginning the year my best couponing tip for everyone starting out is this: Open your pantry, cupboards, medicine cabinets and drawers and jot down those products you use a lot of in your home.  Once you have compiled your list – sit behind your computer for an hour or so and visit these companies Canadian websites and find the “contact us” section of their website.  Send off comments about how much you love their products and who knows, they may just appreciate you as a customer so much they mail you coupons!

What should I say? Get some ideas here!

Companies I have tried with success include:

Look for Contact us , email or a phone number. Let them know how you feel and request politely.


  • Michelina’ Fill out contact us form and request  (1X.50 coupon) 
  • Danone Canada  Sign up fpr the new printable portal new ones every 3 months.
  • Vlasic Pickles (1 x .35 coupon)
  • Duncan Hines (1X.35 coupon)  Same company you can request twice. 
  • Cavendish( Once per year) 
  • Chapman’s ( Once per year) – don’t forget to put your mailing address in the comment section
  • Marc Angelo (1x$1 off coupons mailed)
  • Organic Meadows Yogurt
  • Earth’s Best Baby Food
  • Glutino Coupons (fpc and $1 off)
  • One of our faves : 
    Chapmans $4.00 .  +1 800-265-9110  to request a coupon. Or  e-mail make sure to ask for the coupon and leave your mailing address.
    -Once a year
     Johnson & Johnson: Contact us and send email.
    -Every 90 days
    New Moms and Dad : Call and request the New Parent Pack once ($20 value) it is free!
    Kimberley-Clark:  Contact us and email or call
    Colgate-Palmolive: Contact us, fill in form or call
    Fill in the Contact us.
    ask for the Glucerna Club they have over $55 in discount coupons that they can send out. or fill out contact us form
    Call and request 1-800-699-9948
    1-800-931-2830  or email above.
    Manns – us.
    Fill out the form and be sure to mention you are in Canada!
  • -Twice a year
  • 1-800-567-1897 every 6 months
    Johnsonville –  or 1-888-556-BRAT
    (every 90 days) 2 x $1 coupons
    Lite house 
    Contact us and fill in form, let them know your in Canada.
    Fresh Express salad  Praise request and let them know you are in Canada!
    -Every 3 months
    Ocean  Contact us or 
  • 1-800-662-3263
  •   1-866-335-9080. Ask for baby promotion pack.
  • 1-800-563-5574
    Contacts us form or Call 1-800- 987-2329.
  •  Daiya     About/Contactus, Fill out form or   Email
  • Vegan cheese) Usually send a couple $1 off coupons and occassionally a FPC as well.
  • Worlds Best Catt litter
  • 3x$1 coupons
  • Barbaras
  • 2x $1 coupons
  • Bigelow Tea
  • 1x $1 coupon
  • Kozy Shack-
  • 1x $1 coupon
  • Organic Meadow-
  • Let them know you use their carrots and juices, they are very generous! Recieved 4x $1 Beverage coupons +Carrrots
  • Elmonterey 
  • 3x $1 coupons
  • Clover
  • Fill in form and request.
  • 3x coupons
  • Pita Break
  • 5 x $1.00 Join the coupon club as well.
  • K-Y
  • Advil
  • Aveeno (1 x $3 off coupon)
  • Ensure (valuable cheques mailed out from the company)
  • John Frieda – 2 x $1 off coupons
  • Hills/Science Diet Pet Food (1 x $10 off coupon)
  • Purina Kitten (1x $5 off Maxx Kitten Litter + 1 x FPC for 4kg bag of hard cat food + 1 x FPC 1 tin of soft food) –  do the form in Internet Explorer – if you do not get an email in 48 hours welcoming you to the club, you need to resubmit.
  • Purina Puppy (3 FPC’s for dog food) –  do the form in Internet Explorer – if you do not get an email in 48 hours welcoming you to the club, you need to resubmit.
  • Kruger Subscribe to their newsletter (1 x $1.50 off coupon) – valid on SpongeTowels, Purex TP, Cashmere, White Swan or Scotties
  • MOO (10 pack free business cards)
  • Enfamil Baby Beginnings
  • Heinz Baby
  • Similac
  • Nestle
  • Huggies Diaper coupons (mailed periodically)
  • Pampers Diaper coupons (mailed periodically)



4 thoughts on “Companies that will mail you coupons ! New task for 2016

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  2. robin rubinstein

    Thank you so much to list all these companies. I don’t feel people are so generous in the coupon game.

    Thanks robin Rubinstein

  3. Porika

    Hi there,
    Thank you for this list! Appreciate this a lot as I use a some of the items mentioned above, especially delighted to see Pediasure on there. My children can’t get enough of their flavoured milkshakes! Thanks again for the tip, every little helps!


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