COLUMBIA’s SAMPLE SALE is happening again  this WEEKEND
Columbia is having a Columbia brands sample/clearance sale at the (former) Columbia Strathroy building (Albert St.)  THIS WEEKEND
Dates: Thurs. Aug. 15th & Fri. Aug. 16 from 10am-8pm, Saturday, Aug. 17th 10-6, and Sunday, Aug. 18 10-5.
Lots of clothes, shoes, backpacks, though the clothing sizes are limited. Clothes mostly size M mens, and M womens, shoes 9 mens and 7-8 womens, but if you have the patience you can find the odd other sizes. The prices vary as the event goes into the weekend and are lower each day but Columbia backpacks are $10, accessories (hats, etc) are $2, Boots $10 adult/$5 kids, outerwear (winter jackets) $30 adult/$20 kids, jackets/shells $20 adult/$10 kids, shirts $5 adults/$3 kids…and the list goes on!
A fan says: “I ended buying (so far) 12 coats (mix of winter and fall) and just on the coats the average price is about 15% of the regular prices (one omniheat jacket was regular $200 and I paid $20!!). The sale runs today until 5pm, then Thursday/Friday 10am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Sunday 10am to 5pm. We got there by 10 am this morning, and by the time we left there was at least an hour wait to get in, so go early or wait until the last hour or so of the day.”
Thanks Chris for these pics of the flyers from last weekends prices
They have purses, school packs, outdoor gloves, accessories, outerwear , rain jackets (as low as $10 for kids) , snow pants, t-shirts, boots and sandals (as low as $5/adults)

7 thoughts on “COLUMBIA SAMPLE SALE! Running this weekend ~ GREAT DEALS STRATHROY!

    • christine Post author

      Columbia is having a Columbia brands sample/clearance sale at the (former) Columbia Strathroy building (Albert St.) THIS WEEKEND

      Strathroy ^^ more details are in post

  1. susan

    I tried to go last weekend, got there 1/2 hour before it opened and there was a Huge line up. People brought chairs to wait in line. I turned around and went home. Last weekend the lineups were 3 hours long.

  2. A

    Went yesterday. 1 hour to get in. Sizes are very limited. Women’s medium, men’s medium and kids size 8. A few different sizes in sweaters and pants but at least 90% of the stock was mediums. A few hats and shoes but no bags at all left. No kids boots or hats etc.

  3. Ange

    Sweet sales…….got there about 10:40 waiting bout 1/2 hour to get in, line always moving though, not overly crowded inside, very well organized…..lots of coats, bout 15 min. for cash registers and out 2 hours total from getting there to leaving…..I think I have a winter coat issue now though, lol

  4. Keri

    Did anybody buy any extra womens coats and shoes etc. they want to sell? I am the sample size but missed out on going back for a coat and shoes sold out fast!


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