Checkout51: Why does my offers look different from others?

checkout51I had a great question this weekend over the Lays/Pepsi deal – “why does my offers look different from others with Checkout51?”

For example, one woman had the offer on her list of buy2 bag of lays, get a free 2L pop, her friends said buy 3 bags of Lays get 2 free 2L pops.  Very confusing and she just wasn’t sure why.

Well after a quick email to Checkout51’s customer service, this is what they tell us:

The reason members see different offers is because of our system’s learning algorithm. The algorithm learns from the products you’ve claimed in the past and sometimes uses it distribute exclusive offers.

The more our system gets to know you, the more likely it is that you will receive an exclusive offer in the future.

Checkout 51 Support Team

So, what this means is that the app is learning what your shopping and buying habits are.  If you have claimed offers in the past for example baby products, you may get better deals in the future on those items, and similarly for deals on offers you don’t claim because perhaps you don’t have a dog and don’t purchase dog food, the offer may just not be as great as it is for someone who has claimed dog food in the past using the app.

Sophisticated Checkout51!

Thank you for the heads up

One thought on “Checkout51: Why does my offers look different from others?

  1. Heather

    I guess this means I should check out all the deals on my actual phone instead of relying just on the ones I read in online posts 🙂 Love checkout51!


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