Checkout51 Matchups ONTARIO April 18 – April 25, 2013*

Checkout Match-upsYou all have been hearing the buzz about Checkout 51 from my site, and Lily and I thought it would be an amazing addition to add some Checkout 51 MATCH-UPS for Ontario

Where to shop to score yourself some FREE / cheap products this week in ONTARIO

Want to learn more about Checkout 51? Click Here

I also was a GUEST BLOGGER on MrCBB’s page talking all about C51 – read it here


Click here to see our PRINTABLE Match-ups for C51 DEALS

Checkout51 Offers for APril 18 -25

6 thoughts on “Checkout51 Matchups ONTARIO April 18 – April 25, 2013*

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  2. C

    No Frills has glade candles on for $3 each. With a buy 1, get 1 free coupon and the Checkout 51 offer it ends up making them $1 each!

  3. rockco

    I was confused by the dates of this posting. I think April 25th (Thursday) is not valid for these offers. I think uploads should have been uploaded by midnight of Wednesday April 24th. Is that correct? I am using CHECKOUT 51 for the first time so I want to ensure I understood my deadlines. It’s valid for a week, from Thursday to Wednesday, right?


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