CHECKOUT 51 OFFERS: Sneak Peek of Offers starting March 21 – March 27, 2013

ProductListshot_Mar21These offers will go live on the app at 12:00 AM on Thursday March 21. They will expire at 11:59 PM on Wednesday March 27. Members must buy the products in Canada and submit the receipts while the offers are live.
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  1. Glade® Automatic Room Spray Starter Kit, any Glade® Automatic Room Spray Starter Kit Cash back: $5.00 
  2. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 470 g or more. Cash back: $2.00  
  3. Maple Leaf Bacon, 500 g or more, any variety. Cash back: $2.00  
  4. Renée’s Gourmet Dressings, 355 mL or more, any flavour.  Cash back: $2.00 
  5. Dole Salads, 142 g or more, any variety. Cash back: $1.00
  6. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, 6 pack, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00  
  7. Kettle Brand Potato Chips, 220 g or more, any flavour. Cash back: $1.00  
  8. Colgate toothbrush, any manual (non-battery powered) toothbrush. Cash back: $1.00 
  9. L’Oréal Paris shampoo or conditioner, any variety, excludes travel size. Cash back: $1.00 
  10. Glade®  Jar Candle, buy any Glade® Jar Candle and get $1 cash back.  Cash back: $1.00 
  11. Yoplait Source yogurt, any Yoplait Source product. Cash back: $0.50
  12. Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly bar Cash back: $0.50


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