CC’s GUEST POST on How to save $$ on Valentine’s Day

photo boothAre you looking for some inexpensive ways to spend Valentine’s Day this year?

Trying to save a few bucks on a VERY VERY expensive holiday?

Check this out!

I was invited to Guest Post over at‘s website,  a Canadian owned and operating website that provides Canadian users with the latest coupon codes, all the while doing so free of charge and without any pesky ads. Their main contributors are Marc-Andre and Margarita, who strive to help Canadians save daily on online purchases by writing savings-related articles and posting new coupons as soon as they’re made available.  You can LIKE their FANPAGE on Facebook by clicking HERE to follow them. Make sure you tell them I sent you over and say “Hello”!   Also, visit their website at to find all the CODES for your online shopping needs

Click here to see what I had to say about saving MONEY on VALENTINE’S DAY!

Anything I missed that you are going to try this year?


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