Do you have printing problems with Smartsource coupons?

printing prob

If you are having problems printing from Smartsource, I am hoping I can help. Watch and listen to me explain how to remove your OLD Java program and re-install a newer version + change your default print font sizes to help with printing problems that make your font either too big, or not legible. If you have ANY other problems other than the ones listed in this post, please post below and I will inform the team at Smartsource what your problems are * Thanks Carol - another fix to font … [Read more...]

*VIDEO* Is your Coupon Stuff a Mess? The In Between Stage: From Mailbox to Coupon Binder


The In Between Stage: From Mailbox to Binder I recently shared my #1 tip with Extreme Couponing Canada about how to organize your coupons and couponing things before they make it to your coupon binder. This video helps answer what to do with your coupon things during that in between stage.  That stage that happens between getting things out of your mailbox till they finally make it into your coupon binder. I find this system is really helpful. I got this storage system from Canadian … [Read more...]

The Ellen Show: Amy’s Best Buy Song Lyric Adventure – MORE videos to make you laugh!


I have been getting the biggest kick out of these videos of Ellen's writer Amy talking to people in song lyrics to people while she is out shopping.  Would love to try this one day with a cashier while checking out ... we all know we are with the cashier for a little longer ENJOY Amy at Best Buy Amy at Costco  Amy's Grocery Store Prank Amy's at Michael's Craft Store … [Read more...]

“Hey mom, Coupon Christine is on the phone for you”

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Looks like Coupon Christine is becoming a household name - loved by mom's, and even more by kids. Thank you Nicolle and Kylar for sharing this great moment :) … [Read more...]

Shopping with Coupon Christine – Episode 3

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Saving YOU more money, I discuss what to keep in mind when reading the fine print on your coupon: from max value to travel sized items you could get for free. Also for those with a PC credit card, don't forget to purchase gift cards with your PC card to get points! … [Read more...]

Mail in rebates, On Label Coupons, and Be Organized [video]

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Wondering how Mail in Rebates work?  I explain the best time to buy products when there is a mail in rebate offered on the product with this Physician's Formula example. I also love product coupons on products my family already uses in our home that have an added BONUS of money saving coupons on OTHER products we also enjoy - keep an eye out for Allens apple juice, Old El Paso taco kits, cereal boxes and del Monte fruit cups packaging coupons this month. Also, be organized, I talk about … [Read more...]

Shopping with Coupon Christine at RCSS!

Hey Everyone! I'm starting a new video series with helpful tips for every money saver out there. I've learned these tips along the way, and I want to share with all of you. My first segment reminds you that Walmart, NF's and RCSS will price match fruit and veggies with other store flyers for identical/or close to identical produce. Also, comapnies often send out coupons with the most expensive product printed on the coupon, here's a helpful tip about reading coupons to get the most bang for … [Read more...]

Coupon Christine Interviews Mrs. January for Money Saving tips!


If you are an avid couponer in Canada, you have heard of Cassie Howard, otherwise known as Mrs. January.  As an expert couponer, she has helped many get started and save tons of money. I was fortunate to sit down with Mrs January to discuss her wisdom on couponing in Canada. With over 15,000 fans, she is a 'couponing idol' to many.  On her website, she shares some great tips, secrets and helpful advice to all her fans. Thank you Cassie for sharing your afternoon with me! … [Read more...]

Want to see videos of me and my coupon life? Here are some great videos made to help you save money

Coupon Christine - Jan 2012

Instructional Videos for you to view about couponing :) 1) Introduction of me and my stock room 2) My coupon workshop and what to expect 3) How to use Facebook to get some great deals 4) Setting up your binder 5) Where to find coupons 6) Christine interviews MrsJanuary 7) Shopping with Coupon Christine #1 - How to price match fruit, coupon lingo, and coupon zone coupons + manufacturer coupons 8) Shopping with Coupon Christine #2 - MIR, Coupons on products, how to be … [Read more...]