Canadian Stamps on Sale at Rexall at 62 cents a stamp – get stocked for your Holiday Card stamping!

Rexall is having another week long sale of their 10 pack of stamps booklet (Sept 28 – Oct 4).  Their 10 pack booklets are on sale for 10% off.

I called the local Rexall to find out the final price for all my fans … $6.20 (final price with taxes) for 10 stamps .. so 62 cents a stamp.

There is a limit of 3 packs per customer

FYI : t’s $6.10 plus hst for 10 stamps $.61 plus hst = $.69) Rexall: $6.10 less 10% = $5.49 plus hst = .62 per stamp vs .69 per stamp.

In January 2013, stamps will go up to .63 and in 2014 up to .65 plus applicable taxes. (ONTARIO) – thanks Laura C.

Great deal if you need to start to stock up for your Holiday Cards 🙂

Happy Saving

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