Canadian printables! Smartsource , Websaver,HealthyEssentials ~ The best PRINTABLE coupon databases for Canadians!

**Updates on Websaver**

Have you checked out the ‘new’ Websaver VIP mail to home program? There will be cycles of mail to home coupons you can order and will be sent to you as well as the continuing printables.

Make sure you are signed up and check what’s available!

I received mine this week and some great *bonus* coupons with money off fresh fruits and veggies!







Printables available online.

More and more websites are moving to printable coupons to save paper. It is an adjustment for some, but worth keeping an eye out for a printer. We will be looking into some and bringing to you the best ones as far as CC fans say!

People do  ask me all the time “where can I go to print coupons that are redeemable in Canada, whenever I print from – they have a U.S. mail back address to Texas?”

That is because and are ONLY for American customers only!

I try to make it a habit to check the sites every week to find coupons I can use and to trade. For me it is Fridays!

Here are the most reliable places to look for printables that you can use in Canada.

We are fortunate to have the SMARTSOURCE website portal right on


**Thanks  to our Smartsource partner for bringing us such amazing coupons on this Canadian portal!


Healthy Essentials:    Medication/creams and baby product coupons. You will also find the odd printable on company websites (ex. Advil), and Facebook fan pages (ex. Dove).

 Websaver Printables and new coupons almost every week. Printables and new coupons almost every week. Printable cleaning supplies.  Great Kraft products.

P&G Paper and personal care products.

*Make sure you ‘like’ your favourite brands on Facebook, they will often offer a coupon for their product and you can get a printable coupon directly from their page or it will link with one of the above sites.




4 thoughts on “Canadian printables! Smartsource , Websaver,HealthyEssentials ~ The best PRINTABLE coupon databases for Canadians!

  1. CouponAddict

    Hi there, just wondering if you know which Retailers that do not accept printed internet coupons. I was at Food Basics and they said they do not accept them. Are there others? Thanks!

  2. laura

    hi there, is it just coupons that are from texas that do not work here in canada? i have used coupons from with po box’s from ohio and they have worked here.

    • christine

      They have worked here Laura because the cashier didn’t catch it. Please stop using coupons valid ONLY in U.S.A. in Canada – stores will not be reimbursed and it is not a very pleasant experience for the cashier who gets in trouble for this mistake


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