Buying Coupons? Is there such a thing? Yes there is, so how do you feel about it?

Is there a coupon you need SO badly you would be willing to pay for it?

Ask the growing number of couponers I have chatted with and they have a mixed reaction to this question.

In growing cities, where couponing is becoming more and more popular, sometimes it is just so hard to get your hands on the coupons and you would rather just pay someone to send you some if the price was right, but is this just fueling a fire of tear pad thieves? Is it creating a cycle of abuse within couponers? If they didn’t take these coupons in mass quantities, we would have a community of sharing and helping each other out by leaving some for others.  Isn’t this what we learned in Kindergarten, to share and be nice to our friends/neighbours?

So who is buying these coupons? There is obviously demand for it to continue showing up on ebay.

How do you feel about ebay and selling coupons online?

Let’s have a CIVIL and PROFESSIONAL conversation about this 🙂


8 thoughts on “Buying Coupons? Is there such a thing? Yes there is, so how do you feel about it?

  1. Lindsey Rutledge

    I would never pay money for a coupon… isn’t the whole point to be saving money by using coupons not spending? I just don’t think I would get the same rush or excitement from saving money if I knew I had to spend money to get the coupon. This does bring on more people abusing tear pads. Not only are people selling coupons but the are also selling the products they were able to get for free or at very low cost as an easy way for money. I started couponing almost 2 years ago and have seen a lot of changes in store polices, coupon fine print and online promotions since I began. Some people I fear will wreck it for everyone.

  2. Susan Rivas Vasquez

    I agree that paying for the coupons defeats the purpose of couponing in the first place. Also you are reinforcing those who are going about couponing in a sneaky way (Stealing tear pads, etc). As this gets bigger there will be less coupons for those of us that do it honestly and we will only be able to buy them or stores will just stop doing it. Why can’t we all help each other save money rather than people making it.

  3. Anna

    Well, I HAVE bought coupons from a source where you can pick which coupons you want. But it did make me feel kind of icky (great description eh?) Even though couponing is so different in Canada, I do worry that shows like Extreme Couponing will ruin couponing in general. If a store actually has to PAY customers because they have an overage policy or the end balance is zero, no one can possibly be making any money. So while I did do it once, I am not sure I would do it again. But from a saving money perspective I still saved because I got a ton of coupons for the price I paid and it took a very small portion to make back what I paid for the coupons.

  4. Ginger

    The way I look at it, if i spend $5-$10 on a package of coupons and it saves me at least double that then why not? Where I live there aren’t many coupons available compared to the bigger cities so this helps me save more.

  5. Tasha

    I have purchased coupons. Paid like $2 or $3 for $20 off tressemme or villaggio, or 15 coupon booklets, ect. But I do hate tearpad thieves.

  6. coco

    I have never actually purchased coupons (yet), but I don’t see myself paying for tearpad coupons for sure. If it’s a FPC or special coupon someone obtained in another way (actually spend time waiting for fb, calling/e-mailing a company or special VIP coupon…) I might consider buying those.

  7. Jessie

    It’s totally illegal to sold coupons,on each coupon it says this coupon cannot be sold.If you pay attention,these persons says they make you pay for the “cut ” of the coupon and not for the coupon himself,because it’s illegal and they know they do something wrong.When you buy from these persons,you support their illegal business.


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