Budget Cooking with Sheila: Chicken and Dumplings for $1.40 a person

Thanks again to our amazing blogger Sheila for bringing us another GREAT recipe to try on a budget!

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we decided on a family favourite last night ~ chicken and dumplings. When I first started dating my husband I quickly learned that this was his most favourite meal. His mom would make it for his birthday dinner every year. Years later when he and I moved in together, it became my task to cook him his special birthday dinner. While I haven’t quite yet found the secret to his mom’s recipe, this one comes pretty close. But, I will admit…my mother in-laws still tastes better! Since you have not tasted hers…I am hoping this one will do the trick for you J

chickenChicken and Dumplings

Ingredients (Stew):

  • 4 or 5 bone in chicken breasts
  • Water
  • ½  package onion soup mix
  • 6 tbsp. chicken soup base mix
  • 1 onion – chopped
  • 1 small bag baby carrots cut in half
  • 5 or 6 medium potatoes cubed
  • 6 tbsp. flour
  • 6 tbsp. water

Ingredients (Dumplings):

  • 1 cup flour
  • 4 tbsp. butter
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ package onion soup mix


Place the chicken breasts in a large soup pot. Cover with water until the chicken is totally covered. Pour in ½ of the onion soup mix and the chicken soup base mix and bring to a boil. Cook until the chicken is no longer pink. Remove the chicken from the pot and set aside. Place the onion, carrots and potatoes in the pot and continue cooking.

Meanwhile, remove the chicken from the bone and cut into bite size pieces. Add the chicken back into the pot and cook until the vegetables are tender.

In a small bowl, whisk together 6 tbsp. of flour and 6 tbsp. of water. Slowly stir the flour mixture to the stew so the broth will thicken. You may need to add more water or flour depending on how thick you like your stew to be.

To make the dumplings, pour one cup of flour into a bowl. Cut in 4 tbsp. of butter. Mix the rest of the onion soup mix. Slowly add the milk mixing into dough.

Bring the stew back to a boil. Drop the dough mix by tablespoon full carefully into the stew. Cover and cook until the dumplings are cooked.

Let rest for 5 minutes prior to serving.

Cost Breakdown

Ingredient Where purchased Approximate Cost
Chicken breasts Food Basics 6.18
Lipton onion soup mix Food Basics  (had in pantry) 2.29
Baby carrots Food Basics 0.99
Potatoes Giant Tiger – 10 lb. bag 1.69
Total   $11.15

*onion, flour, butter and milk are all pantry items I had at home.

For 8 servings – cost per serving is $1.39. 


Picture thanks to EatatHome 🙂


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