** BRAG LOUNGE – SDM Redemption Weekend – Mark’s Story **

I met Mark back at a workshop I had in November, 2011.  Keen, energized and excited to save tons, Mark surprises me every time he messages me with deals, posts on my couponing group or see pictures of his amazing stock pile pics he has shared with many.

Mark and his partner Heather welcomed their sweet new bundle of joy Cody to the world a little less than a month ago and have been quick to get back shopping and finding the deals.

Mark is a great friend, coupon colleague and all around wonderful asset to my couponing group as he helps many get their hands on coupons – he decided to share his amazing Shoppers weekend (March 9-10) redemption with CouponChristine.com

Are you sitting down? Mark WILL surprise you all!

Mark separated his two transactions into 2 redemptions – 95,000 points this weekend gave him $200 to spend – so he redeemed 190,000 points and had $400 to spend

They bought 16 cases of ready to use Similac and one J&J baby oil gel
Used 16x $5 Similac coupons (from magazines)
13 x $5 similac cheques (from the company that he was able to get through trades from other couponers)
3x $10 similac cheques (from the company that he was able to also get through trades from other couponers)
TOTAL BILL would have been = ~$590.00
Coupons + Cheques = – $175 redeemed
Redeemed 190,000 points = -$400
Walked out of SDM TOTAL BILL = $21
Thank you Mark for sharing your story and wisdom – surprise me once again

5 thoughts on “** BRAG LOUNGE – SDM Redemption Weekend – Mark’s Story **

  1. Sabrina

    Good Job Mark! Great job!
    Mine was just 1 redemption – $200. $25 in coupons and earned 8300 points :) Lots of groceries and diapers

  2. Sherry Webb

    Excellent work there Mark and Heather….that is amazing.

    BTW how much do cases of formula cost? I’m guessing somewhere around 36.00 a case…all I can say is WOW … I hadn’t realized just how expensive it was.


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