BLACK FRIDAY SALE $5 for MrsJanuary’s ebook about Couponing in Canada

** Learning to Coupon in Canada: Money in Your Pocket Downloadable Book **

In the spirit of Black Friday, MrsJanuary has slashed the price of her eBook,Money in Your Pocket by 50%!!!

The PDF and audio files are only $4.99 and combo pack is $7.49 during this sale

Valid until November 24, 2012 only. Enter coupon code FRIDAY at checkout to get your discount. Click here to buy now!

She is also hosting a Giveaway!!! Want a chance to win a $25/$50 gift certificate?

For everyone that shares this sale by tweeting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook or pinning on Pinterest, you are entered into a giveaway to win a $25 gift certificate. Please post below this comment if you bought during this sale and what your email address is to be entered

If you buy the eBook or combo pack during this sale, you are entered into a giveaway to win a $50 gift certificate.

… so what are you buying? What is this book all about? 

Are you just starting out? Or maybe you are like me and want to find out if there is even MORE to learn about couponing.

My couponing addiction started back in February of 2011.  Like many, I started following a couple great websites/facebook pages to get myself hooked.  One website I stumbled upon was Cassie’s MrsJanuary’s couponing website, she had a ton of resources that she posted that just made things clearer for me.

Always making sure I have the most up to date information to teach my fans here at, I recently took MrsJanuary’s online course she had and even had the privilege of interviewing Cassie about her couponing and to get some more money saving tips to share with you all. One great woman who also loves helping people save CASH!

Part of every couponers journey is to get started, to find the best and most reliable information on Canadian couponing. Well look no further then this great guidebook to help you all START to coupon!

MrsJanuary’s downloadable Money in your Pocket book is an excellent resource to get you started or to even teach the most seasoned couponer something NEW.  Learn how to slash your grocery bill in this 105 page downloadable book.  It is packed with information about:

*Where to find Canadian coupons and BEST time to use them

* How to save money with menu planning

* The best rewards programs in Canada (special section on SDM)

* How to grow a stockpile

* How to price match and save money on produce

* … and how to be an EXTREME COUPONER in Canada 🙂

If you don’t have time to attend a workshop in your city/town, but want to start to coupon in Canada, I strongly encourage you to order this book.  It is easy to read, concise so it does not confuse even the beginner just getting their feet wet, but also very thorough that even the seasoned couponer will learn a few things too!

Thank you Cassie for allowing me to be an affiliate on this great book about couponing in Canada – I hope my fans enjoy this book as much as I have 🙂

Order your book here for just $9.99!  Just think of the money you are about to save on your grocery bills every week! This will be the best 10 bucks you ever spent!


86 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY SALE $5 for MrsJanuary’s ebook about Couponing in Canada

  1. Scott Barkhouse

    (I would love to get this for my wife as she is a new couponer and I would love to support her as she is doing a grreat thing for our family)

  2. Lisa Springall

    “PICK ME Coupon Christine!” I’d love a book to help me more!!! I already drive my youngest daughter crazy…she won’t even stay at the checkout with me because of all the Ad Matching I do as well as all the coupons I give!!! LOL!!!! THANKS!!!!

  3. Melanie

    Thanks for your hard work Mrs January and if you are giving one away Coupon Christine, it would be most appreciated!!


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