Black Diamond FAKE Coupon Circulating

I like to call myself a bit of a “couponing detective” … earlier today in my coupon group, I had heard about a fake coupon – a TOO good to be true coupon and decided to ask my fellow friends to send me a message about this $2 off Black Diamond cheese coupon.

Thanks to my amazing admin Lily and I, we solved the mystery and got our hands on our own copy! Thank you Lily for posting all these markings on it .. notice also the spelling of “PRINCIPALS” and also the mail back to the factory ???

Again, thank you to those who emailed us this coupon that has been circulating and for Lily for pointing out all the flaws.  I see a ton of couponing groups that have gotten their hands on this picture, thanks for circulating this picture that Lily and I posted 🙂

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