A “Thank You Coupon Christine” Story That Touched My Heart <3

When I first started to teach couponing and reaching out to communities in my home town of London, I wanted to reach groups of people from low income areas who REALLY TRULY could benefit from learning skills on how to coupon and save money.

This story sincerely touched my heart – thank you Krista for sharing this great story with me

“I am a cashier at a grocery store. Had a customer use a coupon yesterday and the lady behind her spoke up and asked “Do you know what? I had the radio on a couple weeks ago and there was lady on talking about free milk/coupons. Oh, I can’t remember her name ….. blah blah” I stand there smiling away, waiting for her to shush so I can give her the answer. 
She finally says “OH. It was Coupon Christine!!” 

She then went on to say how her local food bank benefitted from the free milk special on account of hearing this on the radio. Loved it!!!”

And THIS is why I continue to be proud of what I do  🙂

One thought on “A “Thank You Coupon Christine” Story That Touched My Heart <3

  1. Brenda

    That’s so exciting Christine. I too gave milk away! There are a few young ladies in the neighborhood that have 3-6 children. I knew the moms had a very low income so I gave around 60-70 liters of milk between the families. These young ladies were so grateful. I felt so great to help them out.


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