A party for 15 in under $60! How coupons are saving you money EVERYDAY!


A friend of mine sent me some pictures along with a detailed list of how coupons saved her money for her son’s recent baptism.  She had 15 adults all enjoy food and refreshments for around $3.75 a person!

Needless to say ~ she loves coupons! Check out her amazing deals that she scored all by shopping at Real Canadian Superstore


Here is what she served up at her party..


Recipe to make Spinach dip

  • 1cup mayo-had at home
  • 1cup sour cream 1.00 minus 1.00 off coupon-FREE (GOLD coupon)
  • Green onions .57
  • Water chestnuts-.80cents
  • Frozen Spinach- 1.49
  • Knorr soup mix 1.00 -1.00off when u buy 3 makes each one .67
  • Pumpernickel bread 1.99
  • Tostitos corn chips – $2.50

Donated fruit tray from Mom J

FREE Guacamole – FPC Facebook promo

Wheat thin crackers x 2 – FREE $ 1.50 off coupons x2 on sale at fresco for $1.50 a box

Shrimp ring x2 @$5.99 each

Kraft macaroni salad $1.35 (pre-made from RCSS)party2

Cake $19.99 (store bought at RCSS)

Chapman’s ice cream FREE with mailout coupon

1L pops x4 all free because one was with buy chips get it free others were paid by my saved superbucks from getting gas (purchased when they were on sale for .95)

Meats used 4 x $5.00 Maple Leaf mailouts for 4 packs of 350g of Genoa salami, chicken breast, turkey breast and roast beef…all free!!! On sale for $5.00 each for pack at fresco

Cheese sliced x2 $5.00 and ½ block of brick cheese $1.50

Buns $3.00 (RCSS)

GRAND TOTAL  >>>>>        $55.84         

PER PERSON = $3.72 each for 15 people and there was left overs!

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