**.99** For Green Works Cleaner at Shopper’s!

greenworksStarting tomorrow, Shopper’s will have Green Works Cleaner (various) on sale for $1.99.  Use this printable $1 off coupon and pay only .99!! Great price for this cleaner.

6 thoughts on “**.99** For Green Works Cleaner at Shopper’s!

  1. Kathryn G

    The coupon states it’s for their new “spray technology” bottles(pictures and coupon statements). The cashier wouldn’t honour it for the dishwashing liquid I wanted to purchase. Your photo here led me to believe it would cover the soap.

  2. rockco

    Hey, thanks for the posting. Price match at Target and use the Target Exclusive $1 off coupon and the printable $1 coupon, thus, only pay the HST on $1 (Target reduces the price by their exclusives coupons prior to calculating tax. Be sure they scan the Target Exclusive coupon. If they input manually, it does not reduce the price prior to hst calculations). I love coupon stacking at Target.

    • Norma

      I was just going to post this exact question! I have done similar price matching at Target US but was uncertain how the Canadian stores would operate. Clearly you are saying I can do a price match + Target coupon on the same item. Do I need to go to guest services for that? Or can cashiers do it?

  3. rockco

    Cashiers can do it all for you, including the cashier at self-checkout. You can combine all these activities to get the optimal deal on a purchase:
    1. Price Match +
    2. Use a Target exclusive coupon (be sure they scan the bar code as it reduces the price prior to hst calculations)
    3. Plus, use a Manufacturer coupon

    Keep in mind if the combined gross total (pre hst calc) becomes a negative, their computer system will automatically reduce the value of #3 Manufacturer coupon, so I always buy something extra to bring my gross total to a positive $1 amount. It’s Target’s automated way of ensuring you always pay the full hst tax, and not allowing your coupon overage to pay the tax.

    Hope this helps!

  4. rockco

    In the past few months, there have been several GreenWorks SmartTube Technology coupons. They were:
    – Buy 3 Get $4 off
    – Buy 2 Get $2 off
    – Buy 1 Get $.75 off

    So I bought 3 SmartTube Cleaners price matched to SDM $1.99 & also bought 1 GreenWorks Wipes @ $1.59 (instore Target price cut), used 4 x $1 Target Exclusive and Used 1x$4 (buy 3) Manufacturer coupon, thus only paid $.46 cents (which is the hst). I actually could have bought a 4th Cleaner without a 2nd manufacturer coupon, instead of the wipes, because my coupon overage was $1 (and that covered the cost of the 4th bottle, but I wanted the wipes to try.

    Remember, to do the price match, you need to do it by Friday November 8th as that’s the last day of Shopper’s flyer’s GreenWorks sale for $1.99.

  5. IVY

    I have made numerous attempts to sign up for the Dealzinga, but having no luck. It keeps saying webpage is unavailable.


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