.75/$1 for Herbal Essences!

Starting Friday, Food Basics will have Herbal Essences on for $1.99.  In this weeks Redplum, there is a Buy one get one free coupon for Herbal Essences, so this makes it only $1 a bottle!  WAIT!!  The deal can get even better!  Have your .50 off coupons from brandsaver? Then you will only pay, .75 a bottle when used with your buy one get one free coupon! AMAZING deal!!

4 thoughts on “.75/$1 for Herbal Essences!

  1. susan

    Are you sure you can use a coupon on a free item? I am thinking because the first coupon is buy one get one Free that they will not let you use the $.50 coupon on the free item. Can you clarify?

  2. Michelle Hunter

    Well then I’m gonna look for those .50 off coupons hopefully someone will given them up. thanks

  3. Paula

    I am constantly refused the use of 2 coupons. I looked @ the comments to see if anyone else has this issue. I’m told it doesn’t matter that there are 2 products, it’s 1 transaction & therefor 1 coupon. I always have this issue. It’s annoying!


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