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So today, I decided to do a bit more online shopping for my daughter for Christmas.

CLICK HERE to see ALL the SEARS 50% off DEAL Categories

I also was still able to use a $10 off credit on the entire order! SCORE!

Something I did not buy, but I think would be an AMAZINGLY cheap SpiderMan mask for Halloweenspider man – $5.19 for this mask

Here is what I bought (see images below)

2 x Barbie Suitcases for $8.49 each

1 x Collapsible Barbie Doll house for $20.99

1 x loop necklace for my daughter for $7.99

1 x Minnie and Daisy figurines she has been wanting from Santa for $14.99

MINUS the $10 rebate code |  941612891 

TOTAL BILL with shipping to my Sears Store was $60 🙂 Pretty excited by these early Christmas gifts


barbie case


doll house loop necklace minnie

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