5 FREE Chapman’s Ice Cream

chapmans  Thanks to early flyer previews on SmartCanucks, check out this GREAT sale coming at No Frills.  Chapman’s ice cream on sale for $1.  Use your $5 mailout from contacting the company and that’s 5 FREE Chapman’s ice cream!!! Time to grab some at this price!

3 thoughts on “5 FREE Chapman’s Ice Cream

  1. Anna Presley

    Would love to win! I love Chapman’s! It’s the best. Thanks for the contest and opportunity 🙂 great site!

  2. Margaret

    becareful with this one…last time they ran this offer No Frills had 3 types only and a 4 purchase per family at the cashier. Not posted in store or in the flyer…..

  3. Susan

    They just mailed me out coupons from my request last week and it was only $4.00 in coupons not the $5.00 that I got last yeat when I requested coupons. So I will only be able to get 4 for $4.00. If No Frills are limnited in selection use price match at another store.


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