Get your lists ready!  This may be one of the LAST before MEGA REDEMPTIONS!

Earn 20x the points on almost EVERYTHING in the store!

TUESDAY, OCT. 30 – with THIS coupon – must be printed and given to cashier at check-out

Don’t forget to check out our HUGE selection of things to buy this week using our Match-ups – click here

Thanks Jennifer B


Some suggested shopping ideas

Depending on the price I might pick up:
Clean & Clear bodywash (473mL) or Skin Care Products – 20x points (Coupon for $2.50http://www.livingwell.ca/coupons)
Zantac, Pepcid, Imodium – 20x points (Coupon for $2.00http://www.livingwell.ca/coupons)
Polysporin – 20x points (Coupon for $2.00http://www.livingwell.ca/coupons)
Nivea lip care products 30% off

I don’t need these but it is a great deal:

3 x $1.99 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies squares – 2 x $0.50 coupons
3 x $1.99 Nutrigrain bars
*** These should be coming with pins that will give me a free box for every two purchased!
3/$10 – Kellogg’s Cereal – 3 x $1.00 on Kellog’s Mini Wheats Centres 510 g
2 – 2/$4 – Cheetos
2/$4 – Clover Leaf white Tuna ($1 off, and B1G1)
3/$5 – Tuna Salad Kits (or $1.79 each) (B1G1)
2/$5 – Dempster’s whole grain bread
1 x $4.29 – Milk
4 x $1.99 – Christie Cookies or Crackers – Save $0.75 Chips Ahoy/Chunks Ahoy, Oreo , Save $2 on 2

3 thoughts on “20x the POINTS EVENT – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 – SURPRISE!

  1. Heather

    Any chance Shoppers would postpone the secret 20x points event to a day that won’t have hurricane force winds and driving rain? Who can we talk to about that? LOL

  2. Claired

    Can you use this coupon twice in a day? I was told that I am not allow to do that.

    But there is no fine print say anything about how many time can you use this coupon.


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